Performance Reports


Does Unbounce have any exportable reporting features for performance of landing pages?


Hey Trenton,
Providing better reports is fairly high up on our roadmap. Unfortunately at the moment you pretty much have to formulate your own reports based off the data we provide in the user interface.

What types of reports would you most like to see Unbounce provide? Would be great to have your top requests for us to steer the direction of our new features.



Hi Carter
We are using Unbouce since April to give several landingpages a try. Every week and month I have do write a reporting for the client. This is a bit difficult because I have to make a screenshot of the current status / figures. If I forget to make a screenshot I have a problem. Very painful. :frowning: I want a calender function like Google Adwords. That would be perfect. Please hurry with this function otherwise we have to change the tool. Sorry.


+1 on this – I would like to be able to see different timeframes isolated – weekly, monthly, all dates, custom date range.

also would be good to get that data in aggregate, and by page – and best case, be able to tag pages (or even variants) and then run reports by tag.

For a platform whose point is performance improvement, you really *have* to have reporting.


Time is everything when running multiple landing pages for clients, especially wasting time on reports.

These days Reporting must be LIVE, gone are days of looking at static online reports or worse printable .pdf’s.

The best solution here is for Unbounce to create a LIVE white label report including a white labeled URL for each landing page where users can invite a third party via email to view. This way Unbounce would be able to offer white labelling without making the whole app white labeled, which I understand is a big job to implement.

I think most users requesting white labelling or an agency version would be fulfilled with this approach as it’s really just the reporting which needs to be white labeled.

This really needs to be at the top of the to-do list!


Hey Sam, totally agreed with most of your points. We do have a few features that are higher up on our to-do list, some of which we’re actively working on right now. Our Get Satisfaction list of most popular ideas isn’t 100% accurate but it’s a pretty good representation of the immediate problems we’re trying to solve.

  • Dynamic content replacement on pages for PPC

  • Sharing scripts and page elements between multiple pages

  • Responsive pages that resize across mobile and desktop displays

  • Providing SSL support for e-commerce and secure lead capture

Reporting is pretty soon after those though, and we definitely want to make sure we build reporting tools that our agency customers will love and use regularly.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, let me know if you have any questions.


Any update on this? The ability to view data based on a particular date range seems like a pretty entry level feature yet I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Stay tuned to our Community next week for an update on this one. We’re currently collecting feedback from customers who are looking for enhanced reporting, just to make sure we build all the right tools. Once we post the feedback thread, we would  love _ to hear your thoughts on a few different subjects! I’ll ping you when it’s live. 


Have you tried using GA with conversion tracking? You might be able to generate reports at ease and most important you’ll be able to capture where theses leads are coming from.


Thanks Justin - I look forward to seeing what you come up with and wold be happy to provide feedback. @Simao - Yea, we have GA set-up but it’s not as tight as I’d like for this current campaign and being able to pull numbers based on a date range would make it easier for us to get some basic status on the fly. Fixing our GA set-up would get us there as well… thx


Sorry I wasn’t much help Christopher. I still think although GA it might not be so straight forward It can be a powerful tool if calibrated properly, we use it all the time. Let me know what worked for you.




I appreciate the dialogue.  The biggest challenges we’re having with GA are people turning off tracking settings and following the lead from the website to Unbounce then back to the website.  It would be so simple if we could just look at number of hits and conversion by day by page in Unbounce.  I’m glad to hear you’re working on it.  Just frustrating.  The other benefits still make Unbounce the best game in town.  


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Hi there,

We have a lot of landing pages, and we are interesting if we can generate an report by months, or on a selectable period? That report must calculate all the visitors, conversions, and the final conversion rate. It can be generated on a single Group of pages.



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It would be good to get a weekly/ monthly email from unbounce giving a summary of visitors / views / conversion rates for all the landing pages within an account. Is this possible?


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How can I get an automated daily report (by email) of all the leads that we have collected through our landing pages?


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I would love to receive the leads generated in a csv file in my inbox daily. Is this a feature that you are considering? A email for each lead could be very annoying for some campaigns.



Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to let you all know that Unbounce is currently working on Reporting 2.0 which would include Performance Reports. 

We’re currently gathering feedback to make sure we build the most robust tool possible that meets your needs. If this is still important to you, I highly suggest heading over to the thread below and let us know what’s on your wish list. For example, what data would you like to include your performance reports? What frequency would you like to receive them? Should they be data driven, or visual? 

Sound off here:


Hi Everyone!

This conversation started over 4 months ago. Do you have any updates as to when the reporting feature/tool will be available?
A simple report with the following features would be great!:

  • date published
  • stats split by versions (testing)
  • of visitors (mobile vs. desktop and total)

  • conversions (mobile vs. desktop and total)
  • conversion rate (mobile vs. desktop and total)
  • average time on LP (mobile vs. desktop and total) (also, make it available in an individual basis)

Thank You!


Hello I would really like reporting as well. I am extremely surprised that this doesn’t exist. We have our pages grouped but within each group there several dozen pages. Could you at minimum allow us to sort the columns so I can see which pages have the most visitors, conversions etc? Then it will be easier to identify issues.

Thank you