Passing variables from click through page to form page


I want to pass utm variables. Have an unbounce landing page that gets traffic from Google. No problems getting utm_term there but the page is just a click through page where people have a choice to learn more on 4 different topics.

The 4 learn more buttons then go to different unbounce lead pages with a hidden variable called kw where I would like to know what the original utm_term was on page 1.

On the first page, what I did was make my button link…

Thinking that I was assigning the utm_term variable to kw. Didn’t work. When come from Google to page 1, pass through to page 2, then complete the form on page 2, simply get the value “utm_term” in kw.

How do I get the information that is in utm_term on page1 to page 2?


Hey Chris - If you’re trying to pass URL parameters on a click through page you can use the following script:

<br /> $(document).ready(function() {
<br /> var params =,'%20');
<br /> var button = $('a[href]').each( function(i) {
<br /> this.href = this.href + params;
<br /> });
<br /> });
<br /> </script>```   
This will append the URL parameters from your current page to your external links. Hope this is what you were looking for!


Hi Johnny,

You said following script but not sure I see anything.



Ah sorry about that. It seems like it got cut off due to my lack of formatting. It should be showing up now.


Cool, thanks. Since I am not much of a programmer, then is this how it would work? 1) Paste this script into an html input for page 1, I assume near the top. 2) then since utm_term is available on first page, it then becomes available on any click through pages and I can just stick utm_term in as a hidden field?


Hey Chris - You’ll want to paste it into your “javascripts” box on the bottom left of the page builder. It’s pretty much a plug in play script.

To further clarify how it works, if you have a landing page with parameters such as…

Then every click through link on your page will be appended with the parameters “?utm_source=Adwords&utm_value=1”.

Hope that clarifies things!


Awesome, thank you.


Hey Chris!

Small update for you. We added the ability to pass incoming URL parameters to your click through button links. No need to include javascript, simply check off a box in your buttons properties. Check out the support article below for further details.…