Passed the newbie workshops - first landing page, thoughts?


I didn’t want to come here to ask things that I should “know better” so I took the little unbound course and spent a lot of time on blogs for a few days and then today I put together my first landing page, there are two variants where I use a different header image and a boy/girl testimonial instead of girl/girl. 

Can I get some outside opinions? if you clicked on a PPC ad promising to save up to 30% on roofing, would you fall in my funnel? 

The idea was to create a sense of urgency. I think I get a lot of people who come to my site, look around, decide I might be worth looking at, but then go and plan to come back later.
Hence the direction of going to landing pages. 

This is opening season for roofing, so we are trying to get a fast start. I hoping to create a landing page that will make the easily distracted procrastinators just fall into the funnel. 

So to speak, link below.

Thanks for any help I get!!