Pages, Variants & URLs


Original question from Ben at:…

My question is about saving different URLS. to enable to the two pages to communicate.

I have a group of pages that have the following url “” I wish to create the second page with the name mentioned above:…

However, there is no obvious way in the UI to have multiple urls for different variants in one group. Does this mean that I have to move the variant “name-step2” to a different group, and assign it there?


Hey Ben,

A URL can only show one page but a page can have multiple variants if you’re running an A/B test.

For example, you might have a page about academy course registration where you want to test a version with a long form vs. a version with a short form. In this case, you’d publish a single page with two variants (one for each version of your form). Your visitors would then be randomly sent to one of the two versions so you can see which performs best.

But if you want to create multiple pages that you link together, they each need to be their own page.

What you can do is move the variant “name-step2” to a new page where you can choose give it a unique URL.