Page editor not working today


Today I’m unable to edit my pages. When I click the ‘Edit’ button, I’m being taken to a black screen that says ‘Loading Page Builder’. This page is then staying on my screen rather than taking me through to the editor. Thoughts?


Hi Tim,

I have not seen any reports that the page builder is not loading properly (other than this one) and have run a couple of tests. I will create a ticket on your behalf and I will investigate this problem.

Kind Regards,



I’m having the same issue. Using Chrome as browser.


Hey Michael,

I’m going to be opening a support ticket for you on your behalf so we can work toward finding out what could be causing this issue. I’ll be e-mailing you shortly. If we are able to find out what could be causing this problem we’ll also likely post a solution here.


Same issue here. Page editor not opening. It’s been days now. ID -


Hey there! I saw that there was a support ticket created about this, but I just wanted to follow up to make sure this has been dealt with completely. Are you able to use the page builder without issue now?