Organise Landing Pages into Groups


Still no grouping? This is a big enough problem to consider jumping ship. Can something be done quicker?


Hey Ben, sorry for the delay getting back to you. I understand your frustration here.

To shed a bit of light: in order to handle grouping pages correctly, we needed to flush out how the next stage of Unbounce was going to work holistically (this includes being able to have multiple clients, for agencies, and work with multiple users as well). Once we had a handle on that, we could dial it back and tackle the first phase of adding page groups. This is where we’re at now, and I promise we’ll roll it out at its most basic stage, so that you can start using it right away.

We are in the process of growing our team (a new developer starts monday!) so that these kind of lulls in our product development don’t reoccur. Please feel free to email me (my first name if you want to hear more about any of the upcoming changes we’ll be making.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi Carter, I understand. We need this done asap however!


Hey guys, after a really long wait of us tackling other (less visible) features, infrastructure and product planning, I’m really excited to present phase #1 of Page Grouping!

Check out my announcement here to find out how to use it (it’s currently a ‘labs’ feature and will be under constant improvement over the next few weeks. Let me know what you think in this other thread. Thanks for waiting guys!


This would work.

In my case, I would like

  • Product Brand/Line of Business
  • Ad Group
  • Page