On some devices I see an old version of my site. Why?


I have only one published variant of my site at brief.ai. The ‘old version’ is a version of the published variant that was edited and republished long ago. I have cleared cookies and cache in the browsers that are showing the ‘old version’ and it does not update the site. Here’s a list of devices and what I see:

Macbook Pro: Old version on Safari & Chrome. New version on Firefox. I have cleared the cache and cookies for all time on Safari.

2nd Macbook Pro (co-worker’s machine): New version on Chrome

Chromebook: New version on Chrome browser

iPhone: Old version on Safari

Android: Old version on Chrome. New version on Firefox.

I am flummoxed. Help.


Hi Jared,

I’m also seeing differences between the headline in different browsers. However, that seems to be because you’re using Optimizely to A/B test different parts of the page.

Can you try temporarily removing the Optimizely script, republishing the page and seeing if you still get different versions of the page in different browsers?



Duh. Sorry about that. Optimizely script is removed. Should be fine now. Thanks for catching it!