Noob! How to integrate UB landing page with existing website traffic?


Noob Question: If I already have good traffic to my site and don’t want to lose SEO juice with a redirect, what’s the best course of action for implementing an unbounce landing page?




What is your specific use? Are you using Unbounce in addition to your current site? Or, are you using Unbounce in place of your existing site?


Well, I do client work. My website already gets good traffic and I get a decent conversion (form submit) but I want to do better.

Do I use unbounce to replace my home page (where most of my audience fills out the form?)

Can you show an example of how someone in my situation has used UB? (Good SEO traffic - but wanting better conversions?

I was sort of thinking UB was a way to replace my current home page to try AB testing - maybe I don’t understand the point of UB?


The purpose of Unbounce is to do testing. If your home page is what you want to test then I would recommend mocking up your home page in Unbounce and running a short test of possible variation driven by traffic from non-search channels and then propagate the winner to the original site.

Alternately, you could duplicate your 2nd most popular page and use the Unbounce hosted version of that page (the one living on the sub-domain) for your internal traffic and then propagate your findings to the rest of the site. That way you are still leveraging your internal traffic.

Either way I recommend that you use Unbounce for testing, not a wholesale replacement of a page.