No large text field in unbounce forms?


why is there no large text field in the form creator in unbounce? i want to make a simple contact us form without having to use an extra service like wufoo (I don’t need all their features). If unbounce offered a simple large text field I it would be possible …


Hi Bert,

This feature has been requested a few times recently, so it is something we will be adding in the very near future.



very near future meaning yesterday ? :wink:


Unfortunately we have been experiencing some problems with our time machine (we still have a developer stuck back in 1984)… so yesterday might be a little difficult. We are however planning to look into getting this done tomorrow and will hopefully have it released in the next few days if it is working as planned.

I will update this thread when we have more reliable information.





We managed to get multi-line text fields hammered out today. We have just deployed it to our application servers so the feature is now available.

Now, when you open the form editor, the first button on the left, “Text Field”, has a drop-down menu where you can choose between Single Line Text Field or Multi Line Text Field. You can change the number of lines for the multi-line text field or the height in pixels.

I hope this meets your requirements!



thanks, you guys are the best! I’m using it right away.

i noticed that i have to publish a form before the lead-via-email feature will work. it doesn’t work when previewing the page. is that correct?


yep that’s correct, conversions will not be captured (neither will visitor stats) and as a result any integrations (mailchimp/flowtown/webhooks) or the lead-via-email will not fire in preview mode.