New Year, New Builder Optimizations: Two New Workflow Improvements


Not long ago, an Unbounce customer named @Ed_Stanfield reached out via the Community and let us know about a small workflow problem he was experiencing.

And that got us thinking - that would be super helpful, wouldn’t it?

The request caught the eye of our one of our newest Product Owners, @Jordana, as she’d actually noticed the same issue when she was first getting familiar with the builder. It was a straightforward ask, and made a whole lot of sense, so our Builder team (also known as the Cobras :snake:) got to work!

I’m happy to let you know that we have officially deployed this small but mighty workflow improvement! :smile:

Now, when you click on an element in the builder canvas that isn’t visible in the page contents pane, it’ll autoscroll to the element, like this:

###And that’s not all, my friends.

We’ve heard from you that you’re digging our new lightbox functionality, but that our previous lightbox limit (10 per page) just wasn’t quite doing the trick.

Well, we’ve now doubled that limit and now support up to 20 (that’s right - TWENTY) lightboxes per page!

To building high converting landing pages and convertables in 2017!

Cheers! :tada:

Snap to Section Feature [Implemented]
Snap to Section Feature [Implemented]

Pretty cool! It’s all about the small changes that add up. :slight_smile:


Hey hey! Awesome! Great suggestion @Ed_Stanfield. Glad to see this come to fruition. :clap:



Daniel Keebler
Green Stream Marketing, LLC


Wow, happy to know this. You guys are awesome :slight_smile:


I LOVE the new text edit!!!

Thank you Unbounce for making it even easier to deal with landing pages :slight_smile: