New Video Landing Page Template Added to Unbounce


We’ve just added our latest landing page template for users wanting to showcase a video. Would love to hear your feedback and requirements surrounding video on your landing pages.


This looks fabulous!


Thanks Roberta! There will be many more templates coming soon including some alternative video layouts.


Can I ad video to a landing pg I have up now to creat a variant of the 1st pg


Hi Jim,
Yes you can.
Follow these steps:

  1. click in the page section where you’d like to place the video (page sections are the main way the page is broken down into segments (show section guides from the right hand page properties panel to see their boundaries and stretch them to be bigger/smaller).
  2. add a Custom HTML component via the top editor toolbar
  3. Paste in the embed code of your video (from YouTube etc.)
  4. Make sure you resize your Custom HTML component to be as big as the dimensions in the embed code for your video - so it doesn’t get cut off.
  5. You will need to preview or publish your page to see it working - then make any necessary adjustments

Hope that helps.