[NEW TEMPLATE PREVIEW] - What do you think of these templates?


Hi everyone,

We’re in the process of creating some new premium template designs (they’ll all be free) and I wanted to gather a bit of feedback as we get them ready.

This list will grow over the next couple of weeks (looking to add 10 new ones).

  1. Click-through with video: http://templates.unbounce.com/landing…
  2. Lead gen with video: http://templates.unbounce.com/sidekic…
  3. Simple click-through (based on AIDA principles): http://templates.unbounce.com/aida-1/
  4. Product/company page with pricing grid (I’ll be adding regular Mac/PC background images to replace the iPad one) - http://templates.unbounce.com/product…
  5. Service/consultancy page: http://templates.unbounce.com/consult…

Would love any feedback you have.

If you have specific use cases you want to see covered, please add them in a comment.

Thanks for helping.


I really like #4
I think there may be room for an additional REP page template.
Could be more of a BIO format for authors.
Could be used as a connection page for contact details.


Whats about mobile templates?
I think there is a huge opportunity for you here. Eg. QR codes go to the unbounce page which into redirects to various areas of a clients website or social networks. Where else can someone throw up a mobile page in minutes and easily change the links to destinations?



Thanks for the feeback Josh,

Not sure what you mean re: REP?
What else would you like to see for the bio section?

re: Mobile
We have started some mobile templates (see below), but currently they’re only really good on an iPhone (need to fix some text line-height/spacing issues for Android).


Check em out on your phone (and let me know what type of phone you have). If it’s Android it’ll look funky.



By rep, i mean sales representative, drug representative etc.

Its android… :wink:

I like the newsletter and product pages.

I can see a store using a QR code and directing it to their mailing list sign up.


Nice! I liked all.


… and how can we use one of these mobile templates?


You can’t just yet - we have to iron out some bugs and test on different platforms (currently only perfect for iPhone).

We’ll hopefully be releasing them before the end of September (fingers crossed).


I really like number 1


New #5 added - check it out: http://templates.unbounce.com/consult…


These look great! Want want want want want.


Can you release these as they become available, rather than all at once? The fall is the biggest selling season for my company (and many others; back-to-school plus holiday leadups, etc) and I have to start revamping/testing my landing pages NOW. It would be great to have some of these available asap; specifically #4, which is a page type that is missing in the current template lineup.



I really like the simplicity of #3.
When can we get our hands on it? :slight_smile:


I’ll use 4 & 5 the day they’re available!!


I really liked all of these they are awesome


These look great!

I’d just be careful of the fold lines on a couple of them. I’d generally want things like email newsletter and social/news icons to be above the fold as important actions.


Hey Oli,

I’d like to see some landing pages with some great use of textile backgrounds… something that looks like the background is material in some way.

It seems to be getting quite popular.

Also, I think if Unbounce had a “bank” of images that you could choose from i.e. backgrounds, shopping carts, different click here buttons, it would be awesomeness.



Great and all, however would appreciate more advanced back end functions to be implemented sooner than new templates.


Great Job guys. I’ll be completely honest, this would be a big plus in me feeling more satisfied with my monthly subscription. It’s not like I’m not satisfied, but having monthly releases of LP"s would make me feel more excited about it, that’s all.


Hi Polle,
What we’re trying to do is maximize our efforts. While the dev team is working on new features, I can work on new templates from the marketing and design side - so none of this will hold up other effort elsewhere.


Hi Paul,
Once we establish the final set we’re going to add, we will be able to make several variations of them for things like this.

Also remember that all templates are completely flexible - you can move around any elements you wish to make them more prominent as desired.

I’ll be sending out a survey soon to get further feedback.