NEW! Smart Traffic™

We’ve got some exciting news (and it’s one of the craziest things we’ve ever announced). :shushing_face:

** We’re pleased to announce Smart Traffic™! Smart Traffic is an AI-powered conversion tool that automagically matches each visitor with the landing page most likely to convert. Oh, and it’s available to Unbounce customers right now—as you read this very sentence. So if you want to quit reading and go flip that switch, I wouldn’t blame you.

You’ll notice these new radio buttons on your page overview :point_up: Our technical writer also whipped up some handy guidelines for Smart Traffic that will show you everything you need to know to get started.

It took our data science team—including a literal string theorist—three years to research it, build it, and test it. Customers using Smart Traffic are seeing an average 30% lift in conversions compared to a traditional A/B test. A few of those customers are right here in the community and can vouch for the impact they’ve seen.

You’d like more conversions with your landing pages, right? (Yup.) And you’d like to stop sending all of your prospects to the same one-size-fits-all page? (Oh yeah).

Up until now, your solution was to narrow down all your ideas to an A/B test, and then wait until the test picked “the best” one. But you’ve got TONS of ideas, and never enough time or traffic to get an accurate result. And you lose out on valuable conversions while your tests are running. Time to ditch the guesswork, don’t you think?

We’ve built you a tool that sends visitors to the page variant where they’re most likely to convert–even while you’re testing! Smart Traffic starts optimizing your traffic after as few as 50 visitors. Low traffic requirements mean you’ll see better results, faster.

Smart Traffic is available in beta on all Essential, Premium, and Enterprise Unbounce plans.

Click here to learn more, or feel free to ask any questions in the thread below!

Happy page building!



Yay Smart Traffic! Leveraging new tech is what makes Unbounce stand out from the other page builders.

I’ve been looking at the new radio buttons for a while now… It would be nice to see those turn into icons. Be visually pleasing and take up less space on the page. Maybe still have the explanations in little :grey_question: badges…

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Not a bad idea, Kyle! I’ll put this on the product design team’s radar :slight_smile:

Hey all, I’m very curious to hear from anyone using Smart Traffic.

  • How have you been using it-- as a more efficient split test, or have you been leaving the variants running with Smart Traffic to truly match different kinds of people to the variant that best suits them?

  • Have you seen a big jump in conversions? If so, when?

Any anecdotes you can share would be helpful… I’m just trying to understand the feature fully!

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It looks like Smart Traffic is working well for our LP.
But we usually start with an A/B test at first for a few days to see how new variants perform and then we use Smart Traffic.
We buy traffic from google, facebook, native and emails so i guess the system knows better which variant is best. It seems, i’m not 100% sure right now, that the worst performing variant won’t received any traffic which would be ideal.

One more intelligent thing Smart Traffic could do is, after a while, offering the opportunity to deactivate the least interactive variant.