Need to add a root domain / directory for WWW to host landing pages


Though I’ve already added a subdomain to host our landing pages, we found that due to the way Adwords works, we’re better served to point to a directory within our WWW.

So I tried to add that. I chose “A root domain”… then I added in (I have not pointed to it yet from my server, but I did that second when I set up my as well).

I get an error saying “Domain is invalid”… Thoughts?


Hi Stephanie,

It looks like you already have a website at: You won’t be able to host your website and your unbounce pages under the same ‘www’ directory, only one or the other. This is because when you point the ‘www’ towards, this tells the web to start looking under this address for everything - even your home site.

You mentioned wanting to change this from a sub-domain due to the way Adwords works. Can you give me a little clarity around this one? We have numerous clients who use a sub-domain instead of their ‘www’ domain, and we haven’t run into any issues in regards to Adwords yet.

Give me a bit more information on what you’re trying to achieve, and why, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.



Hi Justin, I was hoping I could point to a directory within my WWW. Darn.

My demand gen guy said that when using adwords, it will only show a URL that is the same as the one that the landing page is on. So let’s say we have a landing page at, but in our ad, though we link to that landing page, we might say:

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He said that instead of being able to do it like that, the bottom of our ad would say:


I’m not sure if I can put a 301 redirect on the base index page of to go to our home page… in case anyone hits that (right now it 404s). But he was really hoping we could put our real url with our logo… hmmmm…


Hi Stephanie!

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but this definitely shouldn’t be the case.

You can set your Ad’s Display URLto show your root domain, in this case “” and theDestination URLto be “”.

Your Ad shouldn’t show I went a little PPC click happy and tested this out on some live ads showing on Google, and it showed the results I was expecting. The subdomain wasn’t visible until I was redirected to the landing page.

Rest assured, Unbounce and PPC should go together like two peas in a pod. I want to make sure I’m understanding your set-up so I’ve opened up a support ticket for you.
Check your email, I have a few questions coming your way! Thanks Stephanie!


I’ve passed along your links to my demand gen guy… ::fingerscrossed:: Thanks! (I’ll look for your email now.)


Hey all Unbouncers!

Just wanted to chime in here and mention for any curious cats, you don’t need to add a root domain / directory for WWW to host landing pages. Stephanie and I were able to chat via email and resolve this.

You can set your Ad’s Display URL to show your root domain, and the Destination URL can be a subdomain, or vice vera (dependent on your set-up).

Hope that helps everyone!