Need some critiques please!


Hey everyone, any ideas on how to make my landing page better, getting lots of traffic but no conversions :frowning: thanks!


I would start by removing the Phone Number field, or at the very least not making it required. People very reluctant to provide phone numbers, and instead of capturing a lead with no phone number, you get a “bounce”.


I’d add a lot more material about why someone would want to give you their number. People are turned off by marketing language and the way the page is written right now, would you want more of the same delivered to your email inbox every day? Honestly, none of the three bullet points indicated that you had anything different than any other realtor that I know. It’s 2012, everyone has access to Google, skip the marketing language and visuals of the search box.

Instead, show a video testimonial of a satisfied client and examples of homes that you’ve sold.

If you add pictures of homes, people who have similar homes to the ones featured on your page will be more likely to follow up.