Need help with Pixel conversion lead


Hi all
Trying to set up my pixel for lead conversions on my landing page. I am not sure what to use as key words for the form being submitted and value? I have a pixel installed and is working fine, I need to get conversions working for conversion ads.



Worked it out, close!



Hi @sleighty

  • The first “Website event” box is designed to consider websites that can be much larger than a single landing page like Unbounce. So you can use the same pixel to organize your data across similar events on multiple pages.

An example would be from your URL: “
You would include… “smelly-cat-its-not-your-fault”

  • The second is so you can build data based on an actual dollar amount. Or any monetary value that you know is gained from a conversion. Ideally you would know this from other historical data you already have. I think in your case, you can just leave it blank.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: