My landing page looked wonderful on preview, but when I published it, it was all messed up

I saw other post about this but no answer. It seems to be a usual problem, but it’s not clear to me how to resolve it.

On preview, the landing page looks wonderful. When we publish it, it’s BAD. Many elements are hidden, it just doesn’t make sense.

Hey, @ireneserrano I would need to see more to understand what the issue is. It could be anything. Most likely some custom code, are you using any? Happy to chat about it and see if I can help you.

It was the custom code! Your customer service team was incredibly helpful. They help me resolve the issue via email. Supper happy with Unbounce. Thanks so much!


Glad to see you got it figured out.

I don’t work for @Unbounce-Team , but yes their customer support is very good :wink:

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