My landing page has vanished. So has support!


My landing page has vanished. Being a new Unbounce customer, I would be interested in knowing often this happens. Did I make the wrong choice by choosing Unbounce?

I spent several hours creating a landing page that I can no longer access for editing. When I try, the system indicates that the editing page can’t be accessed (see image below). When I preview the page, it is blank. In short, it appears as though my landing page and the work I put into it has vanished.

This is the second time I have seen this happen. Is this a common occurrence with the Unbounce platform?

I submitted the question to support, but have not received an answer yet. The support phone number does not appear to be working either.



Hi Todd!

I’m sorry to hear you had trouble contacting support. On Saturdays and Sundays we’re available by email, but phone support is limited to Monday through Friday.

That being said, I took a look and couldn’t find a support ticket under your email.

Are you still having trouble loading your page? If you are, please let me know the name of the page - I’ll be sure to dive in and help straight away!  Thanks Todd!


Hi Todd,

We just found your ticket and we’re escalating this to our dev team now. We’ll reach back via email in just a few minutes and figure out what’s happening here.

Thanks for your patience on this one!