My landing page has an error in the Google search results


Why does my website appear with an error in the Google search engine? The title of the site reads “Please correct the following errors:”


Hello Jonathan!

When Google indexes a page, it populates the listing using that page’s title metadata unless it cannot find any. In that case, it looks for the page’s most ‘important’ body text according to the use of headline tags (

is most important, then



When Google initially indexed your page, it must not have been able to find any title metadata and in turn found the text “please correct the following errors” (which is a line deep within your page’s backend that is tagged as an


To correct this issue, you will first want to update your page’s metadata.

To do this:

  1. load your page in the editor,
  2. click the Title & Meta button:
  3. add an appropriate page title, description, and list of keywords,
  4. then save and republish your changes.

The good news is that Google will automatically correct its index and include your title metadata the next time is crawls your page. If you want to resubmit your site’s URL to possibly speed up the process, you can do so at… .

I hope this helps to clarify things!

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are we (with time) looking at unbounce pages in a way as having some seo value…


Thanks very much.