My desktop version won't update


There is very weird. I’m been making changes to this page all day. Now, the desktop version won’t reflect my latest changes. But, the mobile version does update every change.

I thought that I just needed to clear cache (didn’t work)
Tried incognito mode (didn’t work)
Tried Explorer vs Chrome (didn’t work)
Rebooted my pc (didn’t work)
Tried a differ computer - a Chromebook that has never gone to this URL (didn’t work)

The all show the older version.

The old version has a Call to Learn More button on the desktop view.

The current version has a Request More Info button (which launches an email)

There are other changes, but that is the most obvious difference.

Any clues what is going on?


Hi @Ed_Stanfield,

As far as I can tell, you have a caching plugin that’s messing up your page. My guess would be that you are seeing a cached version of the page and that’s why you can’t see the changes you’ve made.

If you open up your variation directly, you can see all the changes.

^Don’t use the above URL on live campaigns.^

You just have to figure out how to clean up the cache and you should be good to go.



Thanks -

I was finally able to see the changes when I cleared cookies. I didn’t think that would affect the display - I just thought clearing cache was enough. I hate clearing cookies, requires additional steps of re-authentication to log into secure sites.


@Ed_Stanfield Best way to look at the live page is by using “Incognito window” or “Private mode”. These modes do not save cookies so you’ll always see live version. Just make sure to close all private mode window and then check.

If you wish to check again, close the window and again open the page in it.

You won’t have to clear cookies or history.


Hey there Ed,

It seems you are using WordPress domain and you might have a caching plugin install on it which might not allow to serve the updates automatically. Your best bet will be to check on WordPress, purge the cage and exclude, so that you don’t encounter this problem again!

I hope this helps Ed!