Multiple signup forms on one landing page


Currently it is not possible to include two (or more) forms on Unbounce landing pages.

This is very useful if you are creating a longer lead generation landing page, and you want to capture emails both on top of the page (Above-the-fold) and also further down the page when your visitors start reading some of your content.

I suggest that we can insert multiple lead generation forms on a single Unbounce landing page.


We’ve definitely heard this feedback before, and I can appreciate your use-case. To clarify, are you hoping to re-use the exact same form multiple times on a page? (as oppose to a multiple forms that are slightly different from each other)


I would find this useful for having a faux search box and a lead capture form on the same page.

We have tested other landing pages that look different than our website, but the tests have shown that our landing pages that look like our website convert better, and it turns out that one of the most popular regions of our landing pages is the search box.

For a long while we just made the search box an image that had a link connected to it. However more recently, it popped into my head that “hey, we can use the form widget to fake the search box since it uses a one-word url parameter in the query string which I can pass in the URL to our website and it works seamlessly.”

Search Box Example……

Unfortunately, once I use that form widget for the search box, I can’t make another form on the page to do lead capture.


Need this feature too! Same form is OK for us. Thanks.




Need this feature to, when creating long landing pages it would be usefull to use different types of forms.


What I’ve been doing is using a button that links to a lightbox version of a sign up form.

While I agree there should be the ability for multiple forms, this is a great work around.

Especially if you clone the form and make it unique for each button, that way you know approximately at what point down the page people are converting the most.


Is there any update on this feature?


Hi Michael, not just yet. Our development team that will be making this improvement to forms is currently focused on building a Responsive feature (which I wrote an update about last week.)

Making some improvements to forms is at the top of our backlog though, and this issue is included. Sorry it’s taking so long, we would love to see this improvement too!


Hi is the multiple forms per landing page feature coming yet?