Multiple pages, same url


it should be possible to have multiple pages with the same publishing URL and when clicking the publishing button, a check should be made if there is already a page currently published with the URL, rather than doing this check at the time of changing or assigning a URL to a page. The reason for this is that this way we can make multiple pages with the same URL and then choose which one to publish.


Hi Bert! I guess if you’re coming up with multiple ideas for the same URL, we’ve so far been taking the approach that they should all be variants of the same page, and you should test them to make your selection (the proof is in the pudding, as they say). How are you currently choosing which of your alternatives you’ll go with?


hi Carl
it doesn’t have much to do with multiple variants of the same page, but rather having the need to properly manage pages which have to end up on the same URL - landing pages will be part of our site, not just exist on their own. so if we have to go around inserting new URLs in different parts of our site that will cost time.