Multi step funnel errors on iPhone

I have a multi-step funnel built with some Java script integrated and it sends leads to my Hubspot CRM. Works perfectly on desktop/laptop/android devices. Multi errors on iPhone. I’m looking for an expert who can review what was created and determine the errors. The funnel starts at I can give you much more detail if you feel this is something you can do. Mind you I had someone reach out to me but wanted to get paid for 40 hours upfront. I know enough to know that this is not a “huge” job. If you’re an Unbounce expert with knowledge of Javascript you should be able to figure this out quickly. The only caveat is you need an iPhone to see the issues. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Can you elaborate a bit more on these funnel errors?

I just went through the whole funnel and was able to complete each step on my iPhone.

Also, this is not really a multi-step form but rather a series of 9 separate pages that are passing info from the previous step on to the next one.

Is that what’s not working? Some of the data gets lost along the way?


Thanks for your reply. yes, nine pages. No data loss. I get an error on my phone (plus 4 other iPhones I tested on) The error is { “protected_assets”: { } }

I hope the below makes sense. I really appreciate your time. The other issue on the iPhone is this:

If I choose on step and I choose that I need funds to “start a new business,” I’m taken to the thank-you page. That is correct. However, if I make the wrong choice I should be able to go back one page - not going back to /main page

At, if I choose either of the first 2 choices, they should go to the thank you page (it does) but I should be able to go back one page and not the beginning.

At if I choose $0 - $14,999 - same - I need to be able to go back just one page and not the beginning of the funnel as I can do on my MAC and was tested on windows/android, etc. Again, TYVM.