Multi-Language selection menu


Hi there,
I have multi language versions of an online form i want to load on the page. I want clients to be able to select their language from a drop down menu and have it appear on the landing page without having to navigate away or open another window.

Is this possible?

I could REALLY use some advice or even better a solution.



Hi Miguel,

It’s not the exact solution you’re after, but one of our partners, Easyling, can automatically detect and translate your landing page for your visitors. This would eliminate the need for your visitors to choose their language and change the form.

Check them out at


Hi Ryan,
Thankyou for your reply, Just to confirm that it can’t be done or maybe i’ve not explained adequately i’ve included a visual aid. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Select your Language
  2. Submit
  3. Selected language version of form appears in this window.


Hi Miguel - Your built-in Unbounce forms don’t have this functionality, but you are able to embed a 3rd party form that does using a custom HTML element.

123 Contact Forms (…) is one provider that does have this functionality already and it’s pretty simple to add their embed to an Unbounce page.


Thankyou for your swift reply Quinn, greatly appreciated.
I’ll look into your recommendation asap.

Thanks again!