More than one form for a page?


Hi Christopher, 

I totally understand your frustration here, but for now we’ve opted to keep only one form per landing page. This might change in the future as we assess the need for multiple forms per page, but for the time being you could always try using smooth-scrolling anchors (demo, how-to) or even implement a sticky header so the form is always on screen (demo, how-to). I hope one of these solutions can help for now.


Wow. As an internet marketer for 9 years and someone who just built their landing page in Unbounce i am SHOCKED this feature is not here

I really don’t understand any justification for not allowing this

This one feature makes unbounce mostly irrelevant for all serious internet marketers who do LFLP (Long form landing pages)

How can you be “assessing the need”- Do you want me to bring the entire panel of internet marketers like Ryan Diess and the crew to chime in on this one? I promise you the response will be UNILATERAL.

Do you all realize how much this is hurting sales of Unbounce right now?

I can tell you as someone who was very excited 5 minutes ago and is now scrapping it, your losing alot of good sales and large scale adoption from serious internet marketers.

Had to write this post our of love and concern for this amazing tool you guys have



Hey everyone Ñ I just want to chime in and let you all know that we have definitely bumped this issue up in priority. As you’ve all pointed out, the value is high for anyone doing long form pages, and while using a button with an anchor link works some of the time, it’s not always ideal for optimal conversion. There are a number of improvements to our Page Builder that we are consistently prioritizing, so at the moment this issue sits along side a few others such as:

  • Allowing you to republish your page from inside the page builder
  • Built-in support for lightboxes and overlays
  • Introducing some automated assistance to organize the mobile layout of your responsive pages
    At the moment, re-using the same form more than once on a page is in our top 10 list of things to improve in the page builder, and we’re working our way through that list as we speak. Hang in there, and thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!


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Currently it is not possible to include two (or more) forms on Unbounce landing pages.

This is very useful if you are creating a longer lead generation landing page, and you want to capture emails both on top of the page (Above-the-fold) and also further down the page when your visitors start reading some of your content.

I suggest that we can insert multiple lead generation forms on a single Unbounce landing page.


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Hello, unbounce team!
My LP is long and it’d be nice to set a few the same forms in different parts of the page. How can I do this?


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I want to show one form at the beginning of the landing, and the same one at the footer, but I can’t create more than one form.

How can I achieve this?



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We want to include more than one button to “submit” and email on the page. Have been unable to find any information on the site if that’s possible and if so how to do it.


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Is there any update on being able to add more than one sign up form to a landing page, for example on a long form sales page to have the same opt-in/signup form appear multiple times?