More than one form for a page?


Having trouble with forms. I want to have two forms on my page but after I add one form, I can’t add the other. Any ideas?

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Hi Eric,

We currently only support having one form per page. We do plan on improving our forms feature in the near future. In the meantime you could add a drop down menu to the form to allow the visitor to choose whether they are a parent or a student, although I realize that this is not ideal.


Hi Eric - just to add to Justin’s reply. The three main work-around strategies are:

* Use two separate landing pages (one for students and one for parents) and and have separate incoming links for the two pages.

* Use one landing page to segment your visitors into two groups and link it to two subsequent pages (one for students and one for parents.)

* Use a dropdown menu to allow each visitor to qualify him/herself as a student or parent on the one form

I have sent you an email going into these options in a bit more detail.

Hope it helps!


Any update on when we can add more than one form per page? This would really be helpful for long form lead generation pages.


Hi David,

There is nothing currently in the works to allow multiple forms however we have noted that this has been asked for several times and will consider fitting it into our product development roadmap. There are technical reasons why this presents a bit of a challenge.

Presumably you would usually want the additional forms on the page to be the same and perform the same action after being filled out?



HI Justin,

This option still be very desirable )

In most cases i think it will be the same action.


This is almost a show-stopper! With today’s trend towards longer landing pages it is critical that multiple forms be allowed on a single page. Please elevate priority on this!


+1, would like this. I’m looking at working around by just using the custom html and adding my mailchimp form in as custom html.

But candidly, i’d much rather not have to do that and just pull the form widget back onto the page a second time.

Same fields, same form, just repeated lower down the page.




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Multiple opt-in forms on one page.

Hi, just wondering if others would like this too.
I’d like to be able to have multiple forms, to opt in, on one long “sales letter”, each form will be identical.
I want to be able to copy and past the form I’ve created (including design and colour specs), and put it 3 or 4 times in my long running landing page. Thanks


I am in shock that a tool as (otherwise) sophisticated as unbounce does NOT allow more than one form per page.

It’s like discovering that a Tesla can only go in reverse: a completely unexpected handicap / design flaw, given the relative awesomeness of the rest of the tool.

As others have said, current “best practices” for landing pages (which I thought you guys allegedly knew about) is to put SEVERAL sign up boxes on a page. At least two, maybe three. Maybe more for a very long sales page.

Thank goodness I found this out during my free trial. Anyone else know a tool that is JUST like unbounce but allows for this?

I guess I could try to figure out how to embed HTML from MailChimp but isn’t the whole point of unbounce that I NOT need to do HTML myself? :frowning:


Really it must be added as soon as possible.
3 month from last reply and no such feature yet.


Hi all!

Just wanted to chime in here with a possible workaround that might help you achieve the functionality you’re looking for.

While we still don’t have any immediate plans on adding multiple forms per page, what you can do is add anchor buttons into your page, then push the user back up to the form using a nice smooth scrolling effect.

Check out my ‘Smooth Scrolling Anchor’ demo page, and scroll all the way to the bottom to click the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button:…

This way you can have multiple CTA’s scattered throughout your page which will all point the user in the right direction. In my opinion, this is a much cleaner alternative than having multiple forms all over your page.

To achieve this functionality, you’ll just need to add a bit of script to your page. Full instructions can be found here:…

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but I’d love to hear if this solution helps solve the overall problem you’re all facing.


Hey Denis!
Check out my latest response below. Let me know if this functionality works for you!


Thank you. That idea fits my landing page


I’d really bump this one up as a big big feature. Landing pages now are long, and it’s useful to have CTA at the top and bottom. Will use the anchor trick for now, but I’m sure you know that asking users to click twice hurts conversion more than asking them to click just once.


Hey there Ñ just to shed some light on our roadmap: Our Page Builder team is wrapping up Mobile Responsive, with a public launch date currently set for November 17th. The plan is to spend some time in the 2 months that follow improving a bunch of the smaller features like this one, making background images stretch full screen, making lightboxes easier, etc… After we’ve polished up a number of these “low-hanging fruit” issues, the team will start working on a bigger feature for sharing content between pages (i.e. “snippets”)


no, you can’t


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I agree, this feature needs to be implemented. We changed from leadpages to unbounced because we thought we were getting more flexibility in our landing page design.

How complex could it be to make it so you can copy and pasted the opt-in box to another section of the page?