Mobile version mode. Call for Action button Slides back up to the top of the screen


Just Created a page.
When I open it on Mobile I am not able to fill up a contact form which is at the bottom of the page. When i press ‘GET FREE ESTIMATE’ button it brings be down to the form but then slides back to the top. Could you please help???:slight_smile:
Many thanks!!


I tried collapsing the page on a desktop device (I didn’t try on my phone) and used the page. It worked fine for me. 

I just tried it on my phone and had the same issue. 
Right now the href=# change it to lp-pom-block-142 and see if that helps. Put that lp-pom-block-142 in where it says URL.

Good Luck!



Thank you Joe.
Have tried that but still the same problem. :((


Thanks for giving this a try, Joe! 

Alexander, I’m going to open a support ticket for you so my team can dive into this directly. Hang tight!