Missing landing pages


Hi there,

I logged in this morning to find that my account seems to have been “switched” with another account. My account information (credit card, address, etc) is correct but all of the landing pages that I created are missing and another companies are in its place. I fear that I have lost all of my work!

Help please!!!


Maria reached out via our Support email (supportATunbounce.com) as well, but just in case anyone else runs into this as well, I just wanted to note that if you are a member of multiple accounts, you might login and see the pages to anyone of those accounts (it depends on which account you were in when your last session ended).

If that’s the case, you can click on the Clients button in the top left of the screen and you’ll get the option to switch between your main account and the account that you currently have access to (here’s a quick video, so you can see what I mean as well: http://screencast.com/t/VXnEtM9M5vu).


That solved it. Thank you so much!!!