Making a Download button After Submitting Email


Hey guys! Tricky question :slight_smile:

I want to have 2 buttons as per the attachment, the first button “enter your email address” that gives me the recipient’s email address and another button “Download it now” which is a PDF file that should automatically download.

By the looks of it i can use something like Dropbox Public to upload the PDF, turn it into a link and have it downloaded when they click the second big button, what i’m more focused on is how to link the 2 buttons together? It’s very important for me to automatically get the email address in a simple form and offer the PDF to download, so how can i do that?


Hi @BandIndustries!

I’m not sure I understand the “two buttons”. It looks like you are wanting a 1-Field Form.
I would suggest placing a form on your page with just the email field, making the “submit” button CTA be “Download Your ____ Now” and for the form confirmation select the “Show form confirmation dialog”. So when the user completes the form, a window pops up, giving you an opportunity to thank them, and then you can add a button to download the PDF.

I’m sure you could also have the form confirmation like to a new page where you PDF is hosted as well. However, I am more of a fan of the first option.

Hope this helps you!



I think at this point it’s super clear. Thank you!