Mail Chimp lists not refreshing


I added my MailChimp API key to a landing page but hadn’t created my new list yet. I went back and created the list in MailChimp but can’t get it to show up in the Add to MailChimp page. Seems that Unbounce isn’t re-querying MC for new lists.


Hi gdevore,
That does sound like a bit of a bug - we’ll take a look and let you know what we find. Thanks for letting us know.



Any word on this? I would really like to automate a form we are using and can’t do it because of this bug.




That worked great. Thanks so much.



No problem Greg, sorry again about the delay in getting back to you!


Hi gdevore,
I’m really sorry this one slipped by us – that’s my fault. I did look into your issue as I understand it and I think I have an easy explanation:

If you are halfway through setting up a MailChimp integration (meaning you’ve authenticated with the API key but have not chosen a list) then you’re right, we don’t refresh your lists the next time you open that panel. The trick is to click the “Cancel” button at the bottom of the overlay, instead of the (x). Clicking cancel will ensure that you have to authenticate again and that we’ll re-fetch your lists from MailChimp. Does that make sense?

I can see how this would be confusing and is definitely an area we can improve on. Let me know if canceling the half-completed integration works for you.