Magento Integration


Is there any way to integrate the Unbounce sign up with the Magento customer database? Right now we have people clicking through to our home page, and it’s one additional step where we’re losing lots of people.


Actually I am only a user of Magento Integrated order and inventory management software. But I think you have to visit Magento forum site where you can easily get your solution.


You can use Zapier to make Unbounce and Magento work together.

Best, Ben


Ben how has the integration been with Zapier, I have heard some programs connected through them do not work as well as they claim. What is your experience?


Hi Ryan,

Zapier works very well, e.g. all our webinar landing pages integrate with Citrix GoTo Webinar via Zapier. I guess you know that webinars are an essential part of how we connect with our community. We would not risk the webinar sign ups to not work properly.

So, I can recommend using Zapier and so does our marketing team.

Have a great day!