Logo or Testimonial Scroller



I want to know how one can put multiple logos in a scroller or have multiple testimonials through a scroller

< testimonial 1 > when the user clicks > symbol it will move to the next testimonial.

Hope you got my question here?


Hi Anand - this is certainly possible with Unbounce, since we give you the flexibility to embed both custom scripts and create custom blocks of HTML, but it will require that you do a bit of front end coding.

There are plenty of jQuery plug-ins out there (like jssor and Lean Slider) that can be added to Unbounce, but you’ll need to customize the default code for each.

One of our other customers, Jen Gordon (who’s also a designer) posted an example of making a slider for larger images that might help you as a starting point. You can find that here.

One thing I would warn you about though, is that image sliders do tend to reduce conversion rate, so if you do implement one, I’d definitely recommend A/B testing against a variant of the page without the slider