"Lock" Me in a Group


Small, minor issue, so if this doesn’t get a lot of votes or attention, it’s OK - but I thought I would mention it.

When I’m in a group editing pages, and then I need to back out to page list, I’d like to go back to the group level instead of the account level. I essentially have to keep clicking on the group page every time.

Why not have a little “lock” icon next to the group so I can just stay in there?


Hey Ryan - I’m really interested to know what steps you’re taking here. If you could outline the flow of “what you click on” and “what page you arrive at” that would be really helpful. Or even better, a screencast!

I’m in the middle of making some usability improvements with regards to navigating your account, not sure if this will fall in line or not.

Also, slightly off-topic questions for you:

  1. Do you typically put a page in more than one group?
  2. When you’ve put a page in a group, would you like your main pages list to no longer show that page (in other words, make it only accessible from the page group)?


Her Carter,

late response…sorry!

My issue is that inside my groups I keep lots of pages. When I’m editing one of those page, and then I publish the changes, Unbounce sends me back out to the main dashboard area, and then I need to click back into the group.

It’s kinda one extra click, but some of my groups paginate, so then I have to make extra clicks back to the page I was on.

See what I’m saying? It’s almost like you need to track my session and send back to the page i was on before edit mode - not all the way back to the dashboard.