Links not working in Safari

When you click a link on one of the social icons on our Unbounce-hosted website,, whilst holding down the CMD button to open them in a new tab, you get an error page displayed with the message,

“we’re sorry, but the link you followed appears to be invalid.”

This only happens (to my knowledge) on Safari.

I’ve already raised this with Unbounce support and they said there is no workaround readily available, but I should raise it here.

Be great to get some traction from the development team to fix this issue - Safari is still a browser that drives a significant proportion of visitor traffic.



Hi Jonathan, 

Just to confirm - the links work regularly in safari, but when you CMD+Open they don’t work. Is that correct?

That’s right - you should be able to recreate this on Safari.

Was there ever a resolution to this issue? Still seeing the same issue in Safari.