LinkedIn Share Button


Is there a share button? Am I missing it? I am shocked that there isn’t a share button. Does anyone know if I can add one manually? Landing pages to me should be business oriented.


LinkedIn, like other widgets, can be easily added into Unbounce.

Add a Custom HTML element to your page, and when it asks “Enter HTML code you would like to embed below”, add

<script type="IN/Share" data-counter="top"></script>```   
If you want your own custom button, visit []( for a step-by-step wizard.




We also have a social media widget that lets you add Twitter, G+ and Facebook buttons to your page. LinkedIn will likely follow suit before too long. Here’s the article on that:…

And here’s an article about how to add a ShareThis widget to your page:…



Thanks. The above code only promotes Unbounce in the text. Really need to use the customized button. Would be a VERY helpful addition to have a LinkedIn button built in to the Unbounce social widget. Any update on that front?


Carter, it would be ideal if you guys could add LinkedIn to the existing social media widget.


Hi Wisam,
Thanks for the feedback, we’ve heard this a few times from customers. At the moment we are focused on some fairly large projects (most of the highest voted requests that you can see here:…) but this is on our list when we’re done some of these bigger projects. Thanks for hanging in there!


I can’t believe you still haven’t developed this? lol It’s been 2 years!!!


Hi Jose - while it wouldn’t be a large project, we do weigh what we work on in a few different ways.

While ease of deployment is one, the other two are demand balanced with how easy something is to implement already.

We just haven’t had a lot of customers asking about a LinkedIn widget (and while we do provide a social widget, there’s some split opinions on whether they help your landing pages or not). And, with LinkedIn’s plug-in generator (…) combined with Unbounce’s custom HTML widget, it’s pretty easy to get the widget added to your page manually.

With those two things in mind, there’s just a lot of feature that were either a) more requested or b) impossible or very difficult to do already that we prioritized.


So is the linkedin share widget coming?


Hi Vinay,
This is still a ways away from being developed, but the good news is that you can still implement a LinkedIn widget today by using the LinkedIn plug-in generator (…) combined with our custom HTML widget. It’s fairly straightforward, but if you run into any issues please don’t hesitate to reach back out and let us know. We’d be more than happy to help!


Thanks Justin. I followed the same approach. I had one more related query. I wanted FB recommended widget to have customized content as the content that its was showing by default was not good. So i unchecked the FB social widget and used FB’s own share button. Now, to customize this i have to use OG tags and they do not seem to be working in Unbounce. Any solution or way around for this.


Hi Vinay, 
I’ll reiterate what Quinn said on the other conversation. If you’ve added OG tags recently, but previously added your link to Facebook, it’s likely that it’s still cached (so it won’t scrape the new data and will just display the data it already has cached). You can force Facebook to rescrape your page via their debugger tool:

If you use the debugger, Facebook will load the page’s data fresh and any subsequent posts will reflect that. If that doesn’t work, send us an email at and we’ll dig in to this a bit further. 


Thanks Justin. This worked for me :slight_smile:



You can’t use a custom button while using the OG tags. But you can did this.

In your body.

What I used for a link.

Share on LinkedIn

Being that I am not a programmer I could never figure out the Linkedin og code but this seem to work for me. You can see it in action at