Leads number is zero when external conversion goal is set


Hi guys. Have looked through support and forum, but didn’t find anyone with the same problem. So:
We have inserted a snippet of code into our page for measuring external conversion. Unbounce landing page and the success page are both on the same domain, so no problem here. However, when I test, the number of conversions bumps by 1, but the number of leads stays 0! Because of these I suspect we also don’t receive any email notifications about a new lead, as we should.
How can I make my conversion = leads?
P.S. Conversion goals in the page builder are not set, as it should be with external conversion.


Hi Phillippe - if you want your lead data to go directly into Unbounce, you’ll need to use an Unbounce form.

We can fire an event to count a conversion, since it’s just that count that has to tick up, but if you’re using a 3rd party form, all of that form information is pushed into that 3rd party form provider’s database, so we’re not able to extract that information.

The one exception to that is 123 Contact Form who built an integration that pushes data submitted from their forms into Unbounce.


Hi Quinn, thanks for your response. The reason why we are using our form is because we want to trigger our own subscription process. We are prompting people to sign up to our file-sharing tool ftopia, so in order to create the account, people have to go through our webpage.
It would be good if you could specify this limitation in your support, just to be clear. Thanks!