Landing Pages issues on iPad


I’ve designed and built a page to a 960 grid - just noticed that when I rotate the iPad from portrait to landscape - or vice versa - the page doesn’t reformat to fit the screen and content spills over. Other sites seem to reformat to the new width.

Not a biggie - but is there a solution for this? 


Hey Jon, 

Weird issue… I just tested a few of my pages from portrait to landscape and vice versa. All seems to work as expected on an iPad mini.

Just a few things that come to mind:

  • Do you have any custom scripts that might be affecting the viewport metadata?
  • Any “out-of-bound” elements on the page when working on the mobile version?
  • Elements/sections with fixed width that might be affecting the structure of the page?

It would help if you could post a few screenshots or even better the link to the page, so the community here or the support team at Unbounce, can get a better idea of the problem. 


Spot on, Hristian! 
I also sent you an email recently, hopefully it went to the right address. :) 


Thanks, Hristian, here’s a page -  

I put   in the head to try to fix the issue  - but it doesn’t seem to make much difference either way. 


Hi Jon, 

I just tested your page through my iPad mini, some cheap Android tablet and through the Google Chrome browser at different resolutions. 

All seems to be working fine and as expected. I wasn’t able to see any content spills. 

Attached are a couple of screenshots (portrait and landscape). 

Maybe you did something to the page before I was able to test it?

If the problem still persists can you please post screenshots of these spills? 

The only thing I did notice is that your headline is aligned to the right but it still fits the screen. 


Thank you! I think the script solver the issue.  


Thanks for the information