Landing Page Service Feedback


Hey everyone!

I’m testing out a $250 landing page productized service called PageLlama. The highlights are:

  • Copywriting + Images + Landing Page Creation all included
  • All landing pages are made in Unbounce (so you need to have an Unbounce account or create one to publish the landing page)
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Mobile version included
  • Fast turnaround (approx. 48 hours)

This idea was borne out of the frustration of wanting to test out new products, services or other ideas quickly using Facebook ads, but it being a pain to create the copy, images and then the landing page. Unbounce is excellent for split-testing and rapid iteration, but it can be very fiddly if you’re a beginner or don’t have a lot of time to devote to creating a landing page yourself. The PageLlama landing pages are created by experienced designers and a professional copywriter, so you’re in good hands.

I’d love to hear any and all feedback any of you have!

What do you think about the price? The inclusions? Would you use this? What would stop you from using it or giving it a go?


PS: I’m testing this out as in taking orders. I can’t guarantee that after testing it out I’ll stick with this price, unlimited revisions or 48 hour turnaround if it proves to be successful, but I want to start here and see how it goes!


Like your idea, good for you:slight_smile:

Did you think about your SEO strategy? I did not found Title, Meta Description or even a Keyword
some examples.

  • landing page design service
  • landing page services
  • Unbounce landing page design service

or what ever. First you might include your keyword research in your business plan. Define your market, target and so on.

Example in your research first you need to determinate how many people out there are looking for your services. If there 1000 probably 10-30 will be clients.
So you need to drive traffic to your website pointing to those 1000 clients.

The keywords research will help you with your SEO efforts and your paid search efforts.

Another way to drive traffic is with native ads campaigns such as MGID, Tabola or Revcontent

You said that you will charge 250$ for your services,
you can promote your sites with an affiliation campaign, sites like Shareasale will charge you between 20-40%


Sounds pretty good. Got some page examples?


@inbound.genius Yep, they’re on our page! I’ve sent you an email. Thanks for your reply.


Thanks for your reply, Roman, and for your suggestions! I’ve added some basic meta tags to the page, but nothing exciting. At this point, SEO is not included in the service–we’ll keep the page SEO friendly and maybe do some keyword research, but since the turnaround is so fast, we won’t be able to optimize it completely. If it’s really in high demand, I suspect this will have to be a separate feature at some point.


@idragnef This was an idea I was toying with, and you’ve beat me to it already :slight_smile:

So, how is it going for you so far? Sales? How are you driving traffic to your website?

I’d be curious to know, If you’d like to share that is.