Landing Page Improvement Suggestions


Hi everyone, 

Not sure if this is something that’s accepted here, but I finished my landing page and would love people to critique it and give me possible suggestions for improvement. I’ve looked at my page for so long that I can’t give it an unbiased critique anymore. :/ 


Thanks so much in advance!


Hi Stefanie, 

First thing I notice is the hero image on your landing page. It doesn’t really support your value prop “Cook Delicious Meals in 30 Minutes”. I’d expect to see a delicious meal - not a a fork with a tomato and a piece of salad on it : ) I’d also work a some more on credibility, you have to convince me that you know what you’re talking about and that the food is actually delicious. I’d use real photos of real meals that you have prepared in 30 minutes. Also show me an example of a weekly meal plan including recipes and grocery list. That way I can assess whether your offer is relevant to me. 



Hi Michael, 

Thank you for your feedback! Good point on the hero image. I’ll change that up. 
As for the sample meal plan, there’s a bit in the middle of the page that gives a snippet of what can be expected + pictures. Is this enough? Should the pictures be bigger? Should the ingredients be listed out in full? 



Hi Stefanie, yeah I’d expand on the bit in the middle to give users a better understanding of what they’ll get if they give you their email. I call this managing expectations. I’d give them a sample of one meal plan including recipes and grocery list. Make sure to use real photos - not stock images. 


Okay, thanks Michael!