Landing Page Critique


I was looking for some feedback on my landing page and was wondering where it could be improved. The link to the landing page is below:

I was also wondering how many visitors do you need to a landing page to determine if it is successful or not? 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 


Hi Blake

First impressions - nice looking page - but to better critique it would be good to know where the sources of visitor traffic ?

In regards to number of visitors determining success - in my experience it all depends on the industry. Some are high value products in a small niche - therefore 100 visitors a month at a 7% conversion rate could be fantastic - Others could be low value/high margin to a large market - and 25,000 visitors a month is an average.

For your kind of niche you’d have to experiment for a while and then start to average out your numbers - which will then give you good KPI’s with which to set goals for optimisation …



Hi Amit, 

Thank you for the feedback. This is the landing page that users from Facebook are being taken to after clicking on an Ad for a free website audit. Right now the page has about 77 visitors with only 3 conversions. I’m wondering what I could/need to do to boost the conversion rate. 



Hi Blake

No probs - ok how long have you been running the FB campaign ? How many impressions are you getting against actual clicks - i.e. what is your click through rate ? How are you running the campaign - what kind of area/demographic ?

Based on what you’ve said so far my initial thoughts would be;

  1. Headline ; I wonder whether a headline that falls in line with the ad text might help improve conversions - i.e. ‘Free Website Audit’ followed by title text with the current headline and then 2 or 3 unique value proposition points.
  2. When you click on the button it takes you to a pop up lightbox with a form - Why not just put the form on the homepage - at least the user actually knows what they need to do on the page - as a button saying ‘free test’ offers an unknown quantity conjuring up questions like ‘will i have to give away my details? will I have to sign up to something on top of the free audit ?’
  3. Your three follow on points could do with more ‘direct impact’ copy - as in ‘how this actually affects your business’ - e.g. ‘branding’ - strong branding throughout your website encourages wider brand awareness, which means more people remember you and talk about you.’ Just an example …
  4. Is there enough info on the page ? Try a variant with a lot more copy … and see which one works - do as much split testing as you can …


Hi Blake, 

Like Amit said I don’t know a lot about the campaign, but I would think the word “audit” in your ad might not resonate with your audience.  It sounds a little scary and technical.  I imagine you’re trying to help business owners improve their sites as business assets.  I think another phrasing might work better.  Something about fixing leaks, losing money, costing you business - gets to the heart of it a little more.

I like the headline you have and I think it could work well if you get away from the “audit” term.  But I would break up the paragraph below your head line and maybe change the text a bit, again more about leaking, losing etc.

I would add a form as well and use the word “get” not “want”.

That’s my 2 cents anyway.  

The page looks goods nice clean design, good luck.