Javascript with Predetermined Variables


I am building a Thank You page for users coming from a Clickbank order page.
I need a Javascript variable to plug into Unbounce that will show a different Source Code each time the page loads for a new visit.
The codes cannot be randomly generated though. I would need them to be predetermined.

Is this possible?


Hi Carlton - unfortunately right now any custom code (javascript or HTML) that is included into Unbounce pages cannot be dynamic in the sense that they cannot change each time the page loads.

However if you can host this type of dynamic script external of Unbounce, you may be able to link to it from your Unbounce page instead - but even with this option, the source code of the Unbounce page itself would not be able to include a varying javascript variable each time.

Carlton, can I ask more about your use-case and the purpose of the javascript variable? Depending on the functionality of the variable, perhaps we can look into other options for the pages that can achieve something similar.


Thanks for answering.
The purpose of the variable is to give users the code that they will need to take the career assessment test they just purchased.
Client’s website is
Had to build a specific landing page for Clickbank. Normally, they would go directly from client payment into test-taking app, so we need to serve up one variable at a time since each code is only good for one use.
We can certainly host the Javascript on the client’s GoDaddy servers.
Thanks for your help.


Have you all found any other options I might use to make this work?



I need an answer to this also.