It would be great to have a widget that would simply add your blog


If you had a widget that would simply add your blog such as “blogger” or even a wordpress blog to your page; that would make it easy to create more indexing for the landing page and thus the search engines would crawl your landing page better.


I would love a way to embed my latest post(s) on my Unbounce pages! right now I’m looking for services to do this and embed HTML.


Hey Tris,

While this idea might be good for some use cases, having this extra information on your landing page might actually hurt your conversion rate.

Generally, you want the information on your landing page to be as concise and relevant as possible to ensure you’re driving your your main goal, or your CTA. If you’re serving your viewers potentially irrelevant information, they have more opportunity to get distracted and click away from your goal.

With that being said, it also depends on your specific use case. Can you share what your pages are being used for - or more specifically, what you’re hoping the blog inclusion will do to benefit your pages? I’m genuinely curious here. :slight_smile:


Thanks Justin…so it’s simple. Folks say we have a pretty good blog and we’d just like to have the latest post on the homepage. In our case we’re using Unbounce to power the main homepage for the site. So, it’s both to get new users, but also for company info.

In the case of our ebook page, I agree, it would clutter things up.



Sorry for the delay on this one! Thanks for clearing that up for me. If you’re embedding this on to your home page, then it might make sense to include links to your blog.

If you want to embed your latest posts, this might be a bit trickier. While you can embed an HTML widget on your page, I’m not 100% sure if your blogging platform supports this kind of functionality. I did a quick search for Wordpress, and although I found a few solutions, most of them look like pretty intensive hacks.

If you manage to get this up and running, Tris, I would love to see you share how you did it with the community. There might be a few folks out there who would find this useful!


No worries Justin. If I get something working to my satisfaction…I’ll absolutely share it with you!


Awesome! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


I need this! So someone please let me know when this works :slight_smile:


Hi Jill - this isn’t something we’re planning on building currently, since we haven’t had a ton of requests for it. I took a look at some of your pages and it looks like you have a set of pretty targeted landing pages, in which case, adding a blog feed would likely end up hurting your conversion rate. Are you looking to add a blog feed to existing pages or were you planning on building out some new and different pages?


Hey everyone!

This post has a quite few followers, so I wanted to chime in and add to both Quinn and Justin’s helpful points.
Think of each link on your landing page as leaks. Each link, or added widget on your page that doesn’t represent a conversion goal is a distraction and increases the chance your visitors will bounce.
If your visitors don’t find the benefit or the specific action they need, you’re bound to lose them.

We recommend saving the blog widgets for your homepage. For more info on attention ratio, I’d encourage everyone in our community to check out this awesome post by our co-founder Oli Gardner.

I’d love to hear what everyone in the community thinks! Have any of you had success adding more links to your page? Have you A/B tested this before?


Thank you for your response (apparently it got stuck in my spam folder so I only just now discovered it…). I am planning to make some different pages. The idea is to have a regular post on my linkedin profile and I don’t want to start a wordpress blog or something. But I do want to keep my posts on 1 spot.


Hello Lou (same name as my daughter :-))

Thank you for your comment. I totally agree that you don’t want to attention going away from your landing page and call to action. I have A/B tested multiple links in one page and even the number of details you need to give in order to subscribe for something (not with unbounce). And it is true: when you focus on 1 CTA with no other click options, you get the best results.

But I would like to have option in my general landing page which is a kind of home page for me.

Because I want my customers and leads to be able to subscribe to my newsletter, but I want it to go to this blog. I also want to use the link in my status on linkedin. And I want to be able to put a CTA in each post to one of my other Unbounce pages. This way everything stays within one tool.

Does this make sense?


Hi Jill!

You betcha - that makes complete sense.

Blogging should be a part of any sound marketing plan. Here at Unbounce we drive traffic to our blog from our landing page campaigns - but we do this with one clear call-to-action.

For example, recently, we changed the thank-you page for our webinar registration landing pages from asking for a social share, to asking people to subscribe to our blog newsletter.

2,500 people registered for the webinar, and of those 40% subscribed to the blog! That’s 1,000 extra blog subscribers just by adding a CTA to the confirmation page of a webinar lead gen form.

Feel free to check out the results here

That being said, we can completely understand and appreciate that many of our customers use our platform in unique and unconventional ways.
The more feedback we get for a request or feature, the more likely we’ll consider it for our product roadmap.

I’d love to hear from everyone else in the community. How do you drive traffic, and improve sign-ups, to your blog?