It seems we are missing conversions from the US which usually generates the most. It is now 0 whilst having the most pageviews


We are targeting four markets: the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. The US page is leading with the amount of views but has no conversions yet. Usually the US is generating the most conversions for us. So we are suspecting something is wrong.

Could anybody please shed a light in this situation? Anyone with the same experiences?


Hi Niklas - I took a look at your pages and they all seem to be set-up and functioning correctly. I also had someone take a look at our server logs for your US page and can confirm that there aren’t any missing form fills that weren’t being counted (there were no recorded hits for the form confirmation dialog for that page).

There shouldn’t be any issues with the form, but have you tried a test form fill on the US page?


Hi. Yes we have tested it. I just tried it again and also via US VPN. That seems to work. Perhaps technically all is in order, however it struck us as remarkable that all of a sudden our largest lead market generates none all of a sudden. Thanks for checking. If you have any other suggestions, please share!


Hi Niklas - It does appear to be working from a technical perspective, so I would consider testing different elements against each other. It looks like you have a different variants set-up for that page, but there doesn’t appear to be any major differences between them. I’d suggest testing different headlines against each other or a different hero images.

With the amount of traffic your seeing, while it would be a little unlikely, it’s also possible that this page in particular is a bit of an anomaly right now and you may see the conversion rate even out to your usual average over time.