Is there a way to show more questions on a form if someone checks "yes" radio button?


I am trying to combine two forms to make things easier for co-workers and the way I was thinking about doing this, is to have a “Yes” or “No” radio button. The field would read something like this: “Do you need to fill out Name of Form”? Then they can click a radio button if they do or do not. If someone clicks yes, then it will show more fields for them to fill out. If someone clicks “No”, it wouldn’t show anymore fields to fill out. 


Hi Richard, 

You can do it but it would require writing/adapting some custom JavaScript codes. 

Here are a couple of similar threads that can point you in the right direction.

One of the experts here, Stuart Mitchell, also has a demo page that has a conditional field that functions in a similar matter. He uses a drop down instead of a radio button.

Last but not least, you can integrate a 3rd party form builder that offers more flexibility in terms of conditional logic. (Wufoo,etc.)