Is there a way to keep the Form in the top of the page? even if I scroll down


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Add Fixed form On Scroll To Your Landing Page

Hi Adam, 

Can you clarify your question a bit.

You want your form to be visible at all times, even as you scroll down?

Possibly provide an example of the type of “sticky” form you need. (it doesn’t have to be an Unbounce page).



You can create a sticky header as described here:

From there, either add the form directly in the header, or if you don’t want the header, but just a floating form, make the box transparent and stack another box containing the form, inside the original one so that only that part is visible.


Hi Hristian,

Yes, I want the form to stay floating on the right side. Is there a way to do that in Unbounce?

This is the example:…

only works in Chrome and Safari.

Thank you


Hi Adam, 

Yes, there is a way to “fix” your form and make it slide alongside the page. 

I few months back, I was playing around with similar functionality. 

Here is a very crude example, I build back then. 

All you need to do is insert a bit of CSS to make it work:

&nbsp; <br />#lp-pom-box-13 {<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;position:fixed;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;height:100%;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;width:320px;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;top:0;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;left:20px;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; }<br />