Is there a way to creat a pre-loader of the entire landing page, in HTML?


I’m a designer newbie at coding, and my landing page is a bit slow to appear entirely… Thanks in advance!


Hey Monica - Normally your pages shouldn’t have a significant load time. But it can depend on several factors, such as images and scripts on your page. I’d like to take a closer look. Keep an eye out for my email, I have a few questions about the page.


I am facing the same issue. Can you please help me with this ?


Hey @Monica_Palmieri

I’ve posted some helpful tips on another thread >> How to Speed Up Unbounce Pages?

And, to @Johnny_Opao question, it would be good to see the page in question.

On a side note, a landing page really shouldn’t have a loader. This will lead to conversion drop-off, statistically viewers don’t wait for a page to load. LPs should be fast. The visitor should be able to quickly get the information they are looking for in order to convert more successfully.