Is there a way to add a map widget (like google maps) to a page?


I have a business with 30+ locations and 10 pages to serve those locations.
I was hoping to have a Geo-targeted map to display them.


Hey Michael - there sure is

All you need to do is produce some code for the widget and then embed it on your Unbounce landing page as a custom HTML object.

You can find specific instructions for creating the map embed code with Google at… and you can find steps for adding custom HTML objects to your Unbounce pages at….

If you have any further questions, just let us know.



I’ve added a Google map using 100% width & height however it isn’t stretching to background edges. I’ve also tried adding some CSS styling & it didn’t work. Is there another work around?

Also, is it possible to have 2 locations interchange on 1 map so when you click location 1 text it’s linked to the map & it updates in real time then click location 2 and it does the same?

Thanks in advance,