Is it possible to embed specific iframe into a landing page?


We have specific iframe thats creates accounts to our SaaS Service. We want to use unbounce for landing page creation, but my question is that if it is possible to embed our own iframe into an unbounce landing page?


Hi Marcel - as long as your specific iFrame can be included to the page via HTML, you can definitely embed that to your Unbounce page.

We have a great article about how to include custom HTML to an Unbounce page using the custom HTML tool of the Editor here:…


I just tried this… doesn’t work at all for my iframe.


Hey Brian, 
Sounds like you’re running into some issues here. Did you make sure that you’re viewing your_ _published _page and not your  _preview _page? 


Oh yes… certian of that. And you can be too if you like:

You can see the iframe in the source…


Just found the issue… it’s an http/https thing… Sorry… 


That’s okay, Brian! I’m glad you were able to figure it out. Sorry for the HTTP/HTTPS issue!


I’m having trouble getting an iframe to show as well. The iframe is http and our landing page domain is https. What do you mean my “HTTP/HTTPS issue”? and how can I resolve this?


Hi @Dan_Wood,

Most probably the issue is from trying to serve unsecured (HTTP) content on to a secured (HTTPS) page.

You would need to have an SSL certificate for your iFrame.