Is it possible to change text box content upon the status of a check box?



I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the content of a text box depending on if its “true” or “false”.

Ex. if you are member of a club that gives you a discount on a product, I would like to show the new prize directly after checking the box.

I have not been successful in finding an integrated feature for this… Have i missed it? If not, is there an other solution or workaround to this challenge?

Best regards


Hi Sig - Unbounce forms don’t have this functionality built in, but you can embed a 3rd party form on your Unbounce page and add that functionality via an external form. I know both Wufoo and 123Contact Forms have logic based forms, so either of those services, coupled with the custom HTML element in Unbounce will let you add a logic based form to your landing page.

You can also still fire a conversion in Unbounce upon form fill by using our external tracking script with your 3rd party form provider.


Hi Quinn, thanks for your answer!

Both Wufoo an 123Contact Forms would push me in the direction of having the prize as a part of the form?

If so, this is not what I’m looking for. The prize a major competitive advantage for my customer and is there for a major element on the landing page in it self.

They would therefor want the prize to change in a textbox outside of the form. Would it be possible to do this though javascript or other language?



Hi Sig - This should be possible using Javascript/jQuery, but I can’t think of a 3rd party provider that provides that functionality, so you would have to get someone to code it. Do you have anyone on your team that has some jQuery experience?


Hi Quinn - I don’t have anybody with jQuery experience at this point, guess I could hire a freelancer… Do Unbounce offer freelance work that I could hire to solve the problem?


Hi Sig - we don’t offer consulting services inÐhouse. I’d suggest using a service like oDesk to find a freelancer if you don’t have anyone on staff that has jQuery experience. It’s not a super simple job, but it should be pretty straight forward for a Javascript developer. Just make sure you explain that you’ll be using an Unbounce form, not just a standard form coded in HTML.


oDesk it is.



Do you know what would be a reasonable prize to pay for a developer to do the job on oDesk?

I have no idea of how much time a project like this would take for a skilled javascript developer… If you have some insight, I would love to hear it. :slight_smile:


Hi Sig - it shouldn’t take too long. I’d say an hour, tops, including QA time, presuming the freelancer is clear on exactly how you need the content to display.


Thank you for your insight Quinn, you have been most helpfull!


Happy to help, Sig!