Is it possible to change templates on pages that have already been created?


We’ve created 25 different landing pages and now want to try out a different page template, with the same content. It appears we need to create 25 new pages just like we did the first 25.

Is there an option to duplicate a page, and change nothing but the template?


Unfortunately not Jeff. Because we allow for complete customization and control over your pages, it makes it hard to update layouts and keep content consistant. That being said, this type of request has come up before and we are having more and more conversations around the idea of responsive layouts and themes that might work closer to what you’ve mentioned.

I’ve changed your thread into an “idea” which will allow others to +1 it and help us gauge interest from the community. Thanks for the feedback, sorry it’s not the solution you were hoping for.


I would also like to add a different variant template. I label each group and even though I may copy and change a few items, I would also like to add a different template. currently when you add an additional variant it provides a blank template. Am I doing this wrong or is this the only way?


So two years later there is still no way to do this? Lead Pages here I come.


yes this seems like a must have …